Critical Review written by Don Roble on Saturday 31, January 2015

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How I rate a writing

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How I rate a writing. This is strictly my take on it. I don't know the difference between 90 and 95 per cent. I go by the fives. If I don't see a spelling or grammar error, I rate at 100%. Perfect is perfect. This one isn't subjective. The lowest I rate is 70%. Bad is bad but no need to go overboard unless it's atrocious. I would think most of the older writers will get 90% or more. Newer writers may have spelling and grammar problems. We're all here to learn and I would think the spelling and grammar would be better after a short while.

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    I've been waiting to see how others rate. Glad you posted this
    Good post, Don. I don't rate. I don't like to rate. I feel good, sound comments are worth a great deal more than a rating. Pointing out the gross errors, as well as making useful suggestions, are, in my opinion, worth far more than assigning a numerical value.

    I will never rate poetry, because my poetry is so bad.
    I shall remember this when I rate. Thanks!