The Circle Of Yellow And White

Poem written by pirate60 on Friday 30, January 2015

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Circle Of Yellow And White Circle of yellow surrounded by white, Heated from below, a most heavenly delight. From the womb of foul's breast, creations goal. To taste irons touch, for whom the pan tolls. To sit upon clay, fired in Hell. A fragrance to the senses, an anticipating smell. Beside sits the beast, No Muslim will feast. The pairing divine, by most at least. Speckled by two friends, like the yin and the yang. One white, one black; the black with a fang. At the beginning of time, past sleeps first light. Partake of the circle, a culinary delight. Guess now the circle of yellow and white. If you said an egg, Yup, you guessed right. LOL

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    Well, that caught me by surprise. Good one.
    Very, very good. And yes, I will partake of an egg. Yummy!
    I thought it was some kind of food... hehe. I snacked after I read this, Wink