The Mary Jane

Poem written by pirate60 on Wednesday 28, January 2015

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Pirate tale

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The Mary Jane Hark'n me maties, and hear me words, for I've seen the Mary Jane. She be a spiteful lass of cannon and sail, and her bite be pirates bane. I be capt'n Jack. Black Jack ye may knows me by. As fearless a pirate as there ever was, of this tale I tells no lie. The Mary Jane's capt'n, be ruthless, and loyal to king and crown. He gives no quarters to the likes of us, like dogs he'll hunt us down. Me ship it was the Red Star, with no finer crew of mates. Yet the Mary Jane cut us down, Tis for Davy Jones they waits. I now be but a humble soul; a capt'n with out a leg. No plunder I has, says I; of this mug I had to beg. Tis a warning I gives to ya freely mates; keep yer eyes upon the waves. Fer the Mary Jane be on the hunt, to send us pirates to our graves. I raise up this mug of rum; a toast to the Mary Jane. And a curse I place upon her hull, From here to the Spanish Main.

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    Note: The Mary Jane was not a real English War ship; I just made the name up. The closest similar name of a real ship of the line would probably be the Mary Rose. I didn't really like the name and it was sunk by the french in the channel.
    I like your different styles of writing that I have read. You try your hand at all kinds of poetry, that's great! (the first 'here' should be 'hear'.)
    Good catch LawMatheson. I totally missed that one. I see where a missed another word to, so I can correct both now.
    Shiver me timbers! This is pirate writing at it's best.
    Spanish Main, not Spanish Maine.

    Other than that, Jack Sparrow would be proud. So would Captain Barbossa.
    Opps! Good catch KT
    Your work as a dramatic flair to it. I could picture this on the stage.
    Thanks MH. I'm glad you like it. On stage Aye??? Hmm! Smile