The Band

Poem written by pirate60 on Monday 26, January 2015

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The Band There's Scat Cat Jack; His fur, black and white. Blowing on his horn, Man he's out of sight. Skeeter's on the skins. Bop'n to a beat. Keep'n us groove'n and isn't that sweeeeat. Over there is Carla. She's the voice of the band. Foxiest fox, up on the grand stand. Of me; I'm Robin. I play the strings. I strum out the cords while Carla sings. We are the band and we love to play. Come dig on our sound and have one kick'n day.

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    Oh, yea baby! I just went back in time.
    Really cute, kinda like a song or rap feel.
    lol Thanks Don. It does go back a ways doesn't it.
    MH I'd love to see what you can create tune wise with this or any of my rhymes. Now that would be sweeeeat!
    Blimey, my piratical chum, I feel the need to wear flares and watch Starskey and Hutch.

    I'll bet you were a real 'dude' in that era.

    I loved this.
    LOL Sir K of Osy, I do seem to recall watching said show; mostly for the bitch'n car. A Ford Grand Torino I believe, wasn't it?

    I should point out that this particular rhyme pre-dates the S & H's time by about 15 to 20 years. The beatnick era I believe it was called. check out this characters first TV roll.,d.aWw
    Oh, yeah! Bring on the band!