Autobiography written by Don Roble on Saturday 24, January 2015

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When I bought my house in Charleston, S.C., everything was in good shape. The house was only a year old. A few years go by and the toilet in the master bedroom got a little wobbly. I called a guy out and he took care of the problem. A few weeks later it got wobbly again. Well, to Hell with the pros, I'd fix it myself. That lasted a few days. My son-in-law, who was a plumber at one time said he come over while we were on a trip and fix it right. When we got back he told us the toilet was never going to wobble again. He'd drilled into the slab and bolted the toilet to the slab. "If a hurricane comes along and takes this house into the next state, that toilet is still going to be sitting there on that slab. Guaranteed."

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    So is that a bad thing? It would be a morbidly funny picture to see someone on the toilet during a hurricane, holding on for dear life while they take care of ... ahem... I think I shall stop there.Grin
    Oh, I'm sure Rob will have something to say and nothing will stop him.
    LOL I was going to say a few words on the subject, but as you pointed out, Rob should be the one to do that dirty deed. (No pun intended)
    Hmm, I feel a little like the tough one in a kid's group who has to take on the bully since no-one else will. My word, what do you all think of me?

    Well, Mr Don. Your 'master bedroom' had a 'wobbly' toilet, eh? For a start, you don't mention how it got 'wobbly' in the first place. It doesn't just get there on its own. Also, you mentioned that the house was pretty new, unlike mine which is 115 years old (new by English standards, though) so that lav (toilet) must have seen some pretty heavy action since you moved in. What form that action might take, I have not a clue but I'm beginning to ask a few internal questions, Don. in-fact, I feel a little flushed.

    I'm also a little worried why you have a toilet in your bedroom. You clearly say it is in your bedroom and not en-suite, as the posh like to say. Is it in the middle? is it at the foot of your bed? or, perhaps, it doubles as a dressing table seat.

    I'll tell you what, Don, given all this conjecture I'm not sure you'd want that curios lav to survive a hurricane.
    Well, wasn't I right? Rob, I don't really have an intelligent answer to what you've brought up. Not that it's actually necessary.
    Your comment was better than my little blog post.
    Sounds like he did a good thing. Smile
    No one needs inconvenient conveniences Wink Glad it's sorted for ya!
    ROBINREADHERROBINREADHER - I live in Charleston, SC. I just went through a hurricane. It was unpleasant. Still ,I did get some funny stories out of it. That's how life goes.