The Elevator People

Autobiography written by Don Roble on Monday 19, January 2015

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Anothet Trip, Another Oddity

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I just got back from a trip to Florida. It's not the big deal you might think. I live in Charleston, South Carolina. It's the same weather. The trip down was fine. Nothing unusual happened. After I checked in I told Phyllis , "I hope something happens on the way home. I need a story." I needn't have been concerned. Just as I was finished checking in so was a group of people next to me. They seemed to be a half-dozen adults and a passel of kids. They all got into one elevator. That's not why I call them The elevator People. That was about to happen. We got to the elevator right after they filled the one. We decided to wait and go up in the next one. Their door closed and Phyllis pushed the button. Their door opened. It closed and Phyllis noticed the light had gone out so she pushed it again. Their door opened again. Their door closed and I pushed the light. Yep, the door opened again. It closed and I pushed the light again. The door opened again. Phyllis said to me, "I guess it has to be going to work right. Wait a second." Damn. I couldn't go and push it again right away as I wanted to. Phyllis doesn't like it when I do stuff like that. Not to worry. No sooner did the door close again than Mr. and Mrs. Crotchety get there. Mr. Crotchety told the Mrs., "Push the light." She shot him and me both a look. She pushed the light and the door opens again! Now The Elevator People are squealing like little girls. Then they closed the door again and the light went out. Mrs. Crotchety pushed the light again and opened the door again. Now The Elevator People are really squealing. I leaned toward them and yelled, "Push a damn button!" They did and finally went up. We, along with Mr. and Mrs. Crotchety, got on ours. The old bat said to me, "What? Did they think it was going to read their minds?"

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    Well, I don't know what 'Mrs Crotchety's" problem was, Mr Don. Here in England we have mind-reading elevators (though we call them lifts which is a bit confusing when a blond gets in one to travel to her plastic surgery appointment).

    I think we've all had some kind of experience in a lift. Whether it be body odour in a crowded one, the damned thing getting stuck, someone farting or simply the smell of urine.
    Then again, it could be just me.

    Another entertaining and funny slice of life, Don.
    You would think after the 2nd time of the door opening, someone would have looked at the floor selection. I love how you took an everyday event and turned it into a story. Nice.
    LOL. Funny one Don. Loved it.
    You would think after a couple of times they get off that elevator.
    lmao. Excellent!
    It was sort of real. I may, or may not, have changed a detail or two. If you hang around here long enough you will learn not to ask me that.