Poem written by Madhatter on Sunday 11, January 2015

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Description be anything but today.

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I wish this were a tormenting nightmare dissipating with a blink of consciousness I wish I could say "It was all dream" as I am comforted by the sigh of relief. I wish the tears were just conjured imagery with dry eyes as my evidence I wish the ache was a physical sickness that a physician could easily remedy I wish I could believe it's true That my heart really isn't broken and I am not ruled by this emotion I wish I could say, "this too shall pass" That the pain I feel will one day... will one day the pain... I wish I could say... I wish

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    Great write MH. Good to see you back!
    Very sad. Nicely done.
    I was so excited when I saw the crazy hat woman was back, then you go and depress me (in a good way).
    Very poignant and engaging, Hat lady.
    Feels great to be back and hang with the old gang.
    Thanks guys, Definitely missed the old gang! Grin
    Wait, let me say it too: Welcome back, MH! Go ahead and depress us all you want.
    Great piece.So sad and touching.
    A good write. Depressing but good. lol Welcome back MH
    Astarte, it's good to see you're still ever so faithful to the Den. Smile Glad you liked it.

    Thanks Pirate!