Poem written by pirate60 on Wednesday 7, January 2015

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child's rhyme

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Pondering It happened upon, a quiet, star filled night, With celestial, galactic and moon bright light. Where thus a top a hilltop high, I contemplated the infinite sky. A question or thought occurred to me; when did this all begin? This vortex of energetic nothingness, these thoughts did bring a grin. Are we of science or religion? Or are we a bit of both? I ponder these philosophical views, with hopes of mental-soul growth. I maybe but a speck in the vastness of space, with a finite amount of time. So what do I do with my moment in life? Why, I sit and write my rhymes.

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    Very nice, Pirate.
    I will leave you with an excellent observation by the writer Dan Brown: 'Science should concern itself with the answers, religion needs to address the questions.'
    Well said KT, well said. The Da Vinci Code was one of my favorite books; a close second, Angels and Demons.
    I don't seem to ever have a problem with science/God Science can't explain what caused the Big Bang and God doesn't need to.
    Short but sweet.
    "...This vortex of energetic nothingness" Absolutely love the phrase, wish I would of thought of it. In depth, and then some.
    Smile Thanks MH. Not sure where that line came from... it just did. Hmmm? an energetic line appears out of nothing... How interesting.