Not so famous last words from nursery rhymes you never knew were said

Poem written by pirate60 on Monday 29, December 2015

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Not So Famous Last Words From Nursery Rhymes You Never Knew Was Said "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!" The giant bellowed loud. Jack heard the angry cry, While descending from the cloud. Down the vine he rushed, With goose and harp in hand. From the sky above, Dashing to the land. The chase was on: Jack leaped to ground, And ran off to the shed. He grabbed his ax and chopped the vine: "Timber!" He said. The vine, it teetered, for just a moment, Then came crashing to the ground. Here came too the giant, To the ground he was bound. Before he splat like a mashed potato, And plunged into the map. Jack heard the giant's un-famous last words, What he yelled? "Oh Crap!" LOL

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    I wasn't sure if this one and the Christmas one were posted before the crash, so here they are.
    Up to your usual standards and my usual expectations.
    Another funny one! Famous last words. Oh, well. Poor Jack. As they say, "Stuff happens."
    Hahaha! Great as usual, pirate!
    Thanks Don, KT, and Star. So glad it made you chuckle. Always leave'm laughing as the saying goes.