They say there is no Santa Claus

Poem written by pirate60 on Monday 29, December 2015

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A Christmas Poem

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They Say There Is No Santa Claus They say there is no Santa Claus but I know this can not be. For I had seen him one Christmas Eve, standing beside our tree. On that night I heard a sound and wondered what it might be. Was it Santa? I asked myself. Of course I had to see. I crept out of my bed, trying not to make a sound. I snuck out into the hall, to the stairway I was bound. My brothers tease me for believing, claiming Santa was a scam. They said when I was big like them; I'd see him as a sham. So there I was, a child of six, afraid of what I'd see. If it was my dad and not Santa, what would that do to me? Softly down the steps I crept, like a shadow in the gloom. I had to peek around the corner and see who was in the room. Before me stood a fat man, all dressed in red and white. His belly looked like a bowl of jelly, giggling by candlelight. With a pipe in mouth he went to work, pulling presents from his bag. In his hands he held a box, on that box I saw a tag. He put that present underneath the tree and beside it added two more. But upon those two, he place some coal and I laughed for he knew the score. He then turned his bearded face to me, winked and nodded his head. "Time for children to be asleep," he said. So off I went to bed." Once in bed I fell fast asleep and dreamt of my Christmas Eve. For I now knew, Santa does exist, you only need believe.

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    I wasn't sure if this one and the nursery rhyme one were posted before the crash, so here they are.
    Wow, I feel all Christmassy again.
    A lovely tale, based on T'was The Night Before Christmas I guess.
    Great stuff, My piratical chum.
    Happy 2015.
    Both of my resent posts were based on that classic tale. Glad you enjoyed it Rob. Loved yours as well. A good chuckle to be sure matey.
    As Tom Hank said in 'The Polar Express,' "The bell stopped ringing for my sister. My mother and father said it was broken. But it never stopped ringing for me." One need only believe.
    I think I need to watch that one again KT. Sounds like a very good line to live by, Aye!
    Lovely piece, so well written. Smile