Right Winged (It's Not Your Fault)

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Common sense is called a sense because its a reaction an emotion something you sense without thinking. Its common because its a first basis reaction its the first thing that comes to mind.

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Common sense is called a sense because its a reaction an emotion something you sense without thinking. Its common because its a first basis reaction its the first thing that comes to mind. Common sense is completely opposed to logic and rationality for that matter. Religious people love talking about it because its their only way their best way to deal with a cold rational world without subjecting themselves to rational thinking. Because if they have to think rationally about reality that inevitably comes in conflict with religion like in the case of gay marriage or abortion. So common sense or the notion of what feels right does the job. At the same time common sense inhibits the same qualities in believers, as those you attribute to atheists - a lack of empathy, common sense is a coping mechanism to reject empathy. Because normal human empathy dictates that everyone has a right to be happy including gay people, that everyone has a right to a fare trial, including people accused of terrorism. Common sense though is such an overwhelmingly powerful emotion that it outweighs even something as natural as empathy. Its a voluntary delusion nonetheless a coping mechanism for those who fear logic. Because logic dictates empathy which is the basis of all modern societies since the begining of time, and religion dictates a bunch of very specific rules that often come in conflict with empathy. People have been feeling things for millenia before we had the Hague Court of Human Rights. Before we had the U.N. We have those because what usually feels right is wrong. The way they tell you if you're angry count to ten thats supposed to stop you from acting on impulse, in the feeling. Unfortunately nobody teaches people to count to ten every time a wave of testosterone and endorphines gives them a sensation of being right, based on something read in religious texts or taught by parents or friends. What you see as arrogance in atheists is the lack of tollerance I have for people who refuse to think before they claim to know something but attribute it to common sense instead. In the same time refusing to prove a point claiming a divine or unarguable irrevokable knowledge and supperiority without providing support for your claims is the very definition of the word arrogance. Claiming to know something without knowing how or why. Thats the meaning of common sense - arrogance.  And though you are humble in your arrogance its there nonetheless. Its not your fault that you're delusional or emotional all human beings are born that way. Its not arrogance by virtue of your character its arrogance because of how you were brought up to evaluate the world. The language of parents speaks in Yes and No in clear definitions of Right and Wrong. The language of religion speaks in the same way. So its not your fault that you might have missed that particular lesson in school where it said you have to decide for yourself. Its not your fault if they might have overlooked explaining that as people think they create what we call the Zeitgeist - which is the current and ever changing movement of rationality that most of us agree on no matter where we're coming from. Like most of us agree on the concept of a fair trial the concept of the right to pursue happiness animal rights abortion because we have evaluated those things in the light of empathy for each other as human beings. The Zeitgeist is what most people imagine when they talk of common sense. The point theyre missing and its not youre fault that it might not have been in the curriculum at all is that the Zeitgeist is the definition of the progression of human morality only through the logical evaluation of reality for years and years, and common sense is the rudimentary inherited or conditioned status quo that allows people to go through life without ever evaluating anything.  The most important quality of the Zeitgeist is that it is irreversible. Once something has been proven by way of logic and adopted as beneficial by enough members of society it stands forever in the mindset of people. Once a majority adopts gay marriage as a logical benefit for society and a contribution towards universal empathy it is there forever. Common sense on the other hand is very easily dismissed based on its irrationality cultural bias and lack of empathy and once it has been disproven it cannot be reinstated again. Example - eugenics, racism, communism. The Zeitgeits through the collective of all people in the world accepts ideas that benefit both individuals and the group and rejects ideas that don't. Forever.  Its not you're fault, you simply didn't know. If this is the first time hearing about it there might be hope for you. If its not then you'll have an easier time blocking it out. Its not your fault  that you cause harm out of ignorance and by the standards of your God you're very likely to be forgiven.

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    I respect your point of view but you are just validating the claim on my essay; anybody who does not agree with you is an ignorant. You establish this on your conclusion.

    I will not argue on any specifics because that would take us a month, but let me just say that there are some of us that precisely see both sides of the picture and still does not agree with the left wing ideas. Hard to fathom maybe, but true nonetheless.

    Aristotle's "Politics" establishes that the only way to find the truth about an issue, it is to look at it from all possible angles. There are many people that have done that, and have decided that the liberal point of view is not the most logical or adequate. I am one of them.

    PS. There is lots of knowledge in the bible. It is recognized by many scholars. It has not been around for a couple thousand years just by accident. It does not stand alone either, there are many ancient texts that support its historical accuracy.
    My view is hardly politically motivated and I agree there's no perfect political model. I look at all views and I've found the answer. Its not standing still to facilitate a peace of mind its going forward at the cost of that peace of mind. And the Bible is around because people carried it around the world on warhorses and battleships used it as nothing more than a tool for their own interests because of the vague incomplete outdated and ambiguous ideas it holds. The Bible is a finite ammount of ideas taken from the first few centuries A.D. It cannot be all encompassing it cannot be definitive, it contains too many flaws and imperfections for the power it still holds over people. Power open to interpretation of what its purpose responsibilities and limits are is dictatorship. Its an amazing source in a historical sense though if we could only seperate all the times it has been reedited and redacted to serve one ruler or another. Plato also believed in a final truth to be found rather than just acknowledging the divercity of ideas out there. And my truth is not imposing in any other way that it asks of people to constantly reevaluate the truths that are givrn to them as is.
    Common sense is called a sense because its a reaction an emotion something you sense without thinking. - This is a terrible opening sentence. It needs to be completely rewritten.

    You state your premis. But you fail to move, logically, to your conclusion because of poor sentence structure and punctuation. If you edit this, and repost, I will be happy to reread.