Beautiful People

Prose written by the_nev_a_prospect on Saturday 9, July 2011

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If we didn't kid ourselves. What would happen then. I chase the smoke away by blowing into the air chase it down with a vanilla iced latte.

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If we didn't kid ourselves. What would happen then. I chase the smoke away by blowing into the air chase it down with a vanilla iced latte. We'll be the leaders of a messed up generation. That's how the song goes. Hope you noticed these days music is the new gospel. When we drink we do it right. Wat the song says is drink it up. Wat the song says is live it up. In the new lingo the new world order that means a gram of hurry up and mad expensive drinks that go down easy like heroin in speed-balling. The appeal of a speed-ball is you chase down the coke euphoria negate the depression that sets in about half an hour later with morphine. They're talking about food now like its a God. Heinz fucking ketchup like its the sweet and sour virgin Mary. They're talking about pregnancy tests like its the best thing that happened to you. Beautiful people are hard customers. We could be the leaders of a generation but what does a generation mean. Generations are defined by their music that's what I feel like. If there wasn't a shift of culture every two or three years the baby boomers the eighty niners that song where it says 'if you were born in the eighties I got love for you' would mean fuck all. Then Emmalina's booty dancing over Fashionista was a major shift for me. So I might be exaggerating when I say Nicki Minaj is the next hip hop queen. Rolling Stones said it first and shes after all just a Young Money signed former Brooklyn whatever like anyone could be anyone these days only she got to be. Hip hop gives me no inspiration at all but she does in a weird way. Like if you saw the new Italian Vogue you might see something more than a publicity stunt for Curvy Vogue. The difference is always in the execution. My sis says Nicki Minaj is just some Lil Wayne Rhianna spin off like it matters how you get where you are. I'm thinking its all in the execution like only a bunch of money can make it really good. My sis shes a Black Eyed Peas fan and recently made a feature with Nicki. That musta hurt. Recently to me means last year. These days recently means blink and you'll miss it.
Its closing time at the mall but let the sun shine or whatever the new age shit you're listening to. Cuz it all blends in like my tasty drink. Like as close back as the nineties Red Hot Chilly Peppers were big for ages. Like when you factor in the Internet with fads it superimposes every minute against the mind bending speeds of a modern router connection. Like even my phone beams a hundred kilobytes per second. And music is not what it used to be in the old days cuz it goes faster. You better listen faster or you might miss something important. Peeking out from under my two hundred Euro designer shades there's nothing of what I'm talking about. On the surface its all the same every single day. Opening closing in between there's only a haze of faces and colors a bubble of sound a cloud of ideas. Better drink fast smoke fast are you looking for the right words, you better write faster or you might miss it. Read my lips as I tell ya how it is. Nicki Minaj is the shit. Young Money is in. If you blink you'll miss it. Beautiful people better be quick about it or you'll miss being beautiful as early as next year. Next season you'll be all wrinkled up. Tomorrow when you're puking glitter it might be too late. So start puking as soon as you possibly can. The appeal of speed-balls is you don't waste any time feeling like shit. At closing hours you just get up and go. You'll still feel like shit in ten years and the appeal or the tragedy of it all is shit is shit no matter what. So whether you burn a hole in your nose now by the time it counts shit isn't gonna feel a single bit worse. And you better have some friggin great memories to look back to. Something to say you were there. Something to remind you before you were all wrinkled up all drooped down bad skin bad lips the sting and burn and paralysis of collagen, you were beautiful. So read my gorgeous lips here listen fast, cuz if you blink you'll miss life, and just hurry the fuck up.

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    Another good rant. Lots of spelling and punctuation errors, but I won't go hard on that because I will give you style points.

    And you are right about blinking in this day and age.