That Sweet Nectar.

Story written by common on Saturday 9, July 2011

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Chasing the sweet nectar that is...

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He knew that if he stayed here any longer the cold would be sure to consume him. He had to get out, and now. With a shiver he lifted his wrist watch into sight, ten minutes had past, but it felt like thirty. They wouldn't send out a search party for him yet, he knew this. He took a moment to assess himself, his clothing was nowhere near adequate enough to survive this environment for an extended time, what had he been thinking. Venturing into such a place so ill equipped. He had no time to put himself down, he had to escape. So he began aimlessly wandering around trying to warm himself as his body began to grow ever more weak as time ticked away, then he saw it. He knew it was the one. His body instantly filled with adrenalin as he forced his body to move closer to his goal, as he reached it, tucking it under his arm a small sigh of relief escaped his mouth. But he wasn't in the clear yet. He looked around frantically, the added weight under his arm hindered his movement, but then he caught it in the corner of his eye; a door? A second wind of adrenalin swept through his being as he pushed towards it, using every ounce of energy he could muster. He pushed what he perceived to be a door wide open and stepped out into the warm air. It hit him in waves, thawing out his body. Through blurry eyes he staggered past trees which strangely resembled people. What damage had the cold done to his mind? Stumbling forward he reached out, landing the item he had clutched so tightly under his arm upon what seemed to be a counter top. As he straightened himself, he wiped his eyes, and in an instant his vision was back. He could again see clearly. He looked around confused, people looking back at him in worry and panic. He turned his attention back to the counter in front of him. A man standing behind the counter looked at him awhile before asking, 'Just the beers mate?' He took a moment to think, while taking his wallet from his back pocket, retrieving cash from it before replying, 'Yeah, just the beers' Clutching his beers again under his arm, he made his way into the car park, getting into his car where his friend was waiting. 'Took your time' his friend said. He looked at him while passing the case of beer over then rather dryly said, 'Next time, I am asking the wife to go to the bottle shop'

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    Nicely done, me old matey - arr. Smile
    Good job. I prefer wine, but on occasion I enjoy a beer. The problem is that American beers are terrible.