Why Have Castles Changed Over Time?

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Between 1066 and 1550, castles changed a great deal. Five differentthings that clearly changed were the weapons, architectual design defence, time and new ideas coming to England. These changed because as time went by, these things were either attacked, made better or just not good enough. New weapons such as cannons and 'fat bombs' were invented by the age of the concentric castle. The design was changed from no walls to walls. The defence changes allowed people and animals to be safe from attack. Time meant that people had more time to build bigger and stronger castles. Finally, new ideas coming to England meant that better ideas of good castle building techniques freom different countries were transferred from place to place. These changes happened for many different reasons. The first reason was improving weapons. This changed because bigger and better weapons made defeating the enemy much easier. Also, as time passed, weapons becaume more suitable for the newer types of castles e.g. when the stone, or square, keep castles came, armies used cannons and 'fat bombs' to get through the stone walls. The second reason was improving defence. This caused change because people were getting new weapons and the defenders needed new strategies. Taller castles and stronger walls were created by the year that the concentric castles wee made. Another reason was improving the architectual design. This caused change because of defensive reasons. The castle's height and size changed because people wanted their enemies not be able to climb over the walls. Also, crenulations were made to stop the foes getting into the walls with ladders and also that the defenders can see the enemies ladders coming from below. The next reason was the way that the country became less dangerous and people had more time. This changed because there was more time to build more safer and longer standing castles as time went on. When the concentric castles started to be made, designers had a lot more to design and create stronger and more powerful castles than before. The final reason was that new ideas about castles and weapons were spreading all over Europe. This caused change because as foreigners came to England, they brought ideas their county to ours and vice-versa. This helped the castle builders to find better ways to defend their castle and attack others. All of these reasons link up and effect each other. Examples of this are that most of the architectual reasons link in with the defensive reasons. Such as the height of the castle (architectual) is changed for defence. Alseo, as they had more time through stability, travellers could make further discoveries about new weapons that they need to build castles to defend against. Therefore, the main reason why castles changed over time was improved weapons. This is because the weapons were the most changed as there were many more weapons than defensive items back then. Foreigners learned about many weapons such as gun powder and bombs from Europeans. Hope you enjoyed my essay. Please comment and rate!Grin

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    Good premis and good conclusion, Elkie. A nice argument. However, one little thing: Spelling!

    You have a lot of spelling errors. You may want clean them up!