Hands (warning risque)

Poem written by flickeringfairy on Friday 17, June 2011

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I like to focus on parts.

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Big and long and rough and strong When they're on me when they're not when I see them they are sought On me near me upon me steer me by my mouth in my teeth touching me: underneath caressing obsessing grasping clasping gasping groaning moaning intoning hexing me with ecstasy causing tremors creating pleasures grabbing me, from behind bringing thoughts of us entwined on and on and on and on and hmmmm

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    I like it Smile
    When I read this I had a few hilarious images in my head. Especially when I read the word "obsessions."

    And if this was meant to be serious, I'm terribly sorry.
    Well, DN, I take no offense, we all get what we need from poetry and read it however we interpret it.

    The actual word was obsessing and it was serious. As in, a lusty focus on the hands of the man I was with. Since it was meant for him, he totally got it at the time.

    But really, no need to apologize.
    Nice little thing. Smile