Lips Two

Poem written by flickeringfairy on Sunday 5, June 2011

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Oh how things can change.

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Luscious and warm I don't understand. How it can be The words that come out When you're speaking to me. They twist and they turn As they pass through your lips, So sharp and so fast Like razorblade tips. You're quick and you're witty, Of this there's no doubt. You're sharp and you're funny. What I can't figure out, Is the webs that you weave. How they hurt like they do. So puzzling, yet thoughtful, As if there's a plan, A grander scheme lurking, But you are a kind man. I just hope for you You learn to be wise. And know, not all thoughts Are backed with harsh ties. Some words are just words, Not meant to be mean, Not part of some plot, Or dastardly scene. And by the same token, I hope you take pause. And find out for yourself, The pain you can cause. You have a great mind And you really should use it, To make things work better, Try not to abuse it. The power you have It carefully teeters, Between this side and that of this verse and these meters.

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    I like how easily the poem flows, and the message you are sending with it. Nice one, well done.
    Very nice. Good, sharp imagery.
    I really like how this flows as well. Very nice! Smile