Windows and Mirrors

Poem written by flickeringfairy on Friday 20, May 2011

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Thinking on the many uses, symbolism, forms, and implications of glass.

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Windows An Operating System Eyes and the soul Window Pain Window Panes A room with a view A porthole A seat Glass Houses An entrance An egress A fall to the death Reflective Thick Single pane Dual pane Box Insulated Aluminum Vinyl Fogged Crackled Cracked And broken Mirrors One way Two way Three way On ceilings On floors On doors Fun houses Car visors Compacts Helpful Harmful Magnifying Enlightening Amplifying Reflective Dejected Rear view Bloody Mary Repeating three times Repeating to Infinity Good Luck Bad luck Dumb Luck Shattered

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    What is a three-way mirror?
    A three way mirror is the kind often found in dressing rooms/fitting rooms at stores.