What I never want to know.

Haiku written by the_nev_a_prospect on Friday 20, May 2011

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To know many things, is to despair in trying, to forget one thing. *The worlds we make up to excise and substitute pieces of reality are the loudest voice of dissatisfaction with reality itself. Writing to that effect stems from that same need to scream or break down into tears, in a stylish manner.*

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    Some writer put it elegantly, I think it may have been Orwell:

    'To know more and more about less and less, until you know absolutely everything about nothing.'
    I think it was Mark Twain(actually Bernard Shaw after a google) who said: "The narrow specialisation in the broad sense of the term leads to broad idiotization in the narrow sense of the term."

    But that's avoiding the point, I was thinking about the defensive act of over-working yourself, in a sense, trying to aquire any knowledge at all that helps to put you in perspective of your own life. History, culture, anything ever written or in any way recorded, impartial observation, or voierism of humanity, to take your mind off your own condition. That's something I might want to expand on in the future.