Past the street where you live

Poem written by flickeringfairy on Sunday 15, May 2011

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Slightly inspired by My Fair Lady.

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In the past Is where you are, And now, It's where you'll stay. Past your street Is where I used to drive, And pause In my mind thinking on you. Where you live Is where you live, And now That's all it is. Live, It's what I do, And without you It's better. Street, Its name is a blur, And when I drive past I wonder if it's the right one. Past, It's where you are, On a street, Where you may still live.

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    I like this. It, for me, brings thoughts one would have for an ex perhaps.

    Has a nice flow to it, great work.
    Its* name. I like it, link between space (street) and time (past) comes through for the reader. Nice.
    Good job. Nicely written Maybe song lyrics?
    Thank you for the compliments. I keep hoping one of these times I'll hear music with my writing. Alas, kt, not yet.