Spirit Guide - 12

Fantasy written by Vermithrax on Tuesday 26, April 2011

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CHAPTER TWELVE 'Okay,' Helen led the way into the dining room, 'here's what MacKenzie and I have in mind.We think it should be possible - in theory at least - to piggy-back Jenna's mind, when we're Nexus.' She motioned the younger woman to one of the settees. 'If we can achieve that, we think that we might be able to pick up the thread that links her to her mother. Then, using MacKenzie's strength, we can boost the link, and get a sense of distance.' Her lips quirked - a small, nervous smile. 'In theory, at least,' She added. Lukas shrugged. 'Well, it's certainly worth a try.' He replied. 'Not to mention the fact that it's the only thing approaching a plan we have. Let's give it a go.' MacKenzie nodded her agreement. Lukas, MacKenzie and Helen settled into their usual positions on the soft rug before the fireplace. Bennet, bringing up the rear and clutching a large mug of coffee and a newspaper, gave Jenna a reassuring grin, as he seated himself upon the settee beside her. 'You'll be fine.' He told her in response to the nervous look on her face. 'These guys won't let anything happen to you.' 'I know,' Jenna replied, her voice low, 'I'm not worried about me; It's my mom; I hope she's okay.' 'Ah.' Roger considered her words for a moment. 'That is a worry.' His open, honest face turned briefly towards the center of the room. 'All I can say is, if something can be done, then these three will do it. They're the best, and the most decent, people I've ever met.' 'I think so too.' Jenna managed a small smile, and gave Rogers arm a soft squeeze. 'Thanks, Roger.' 'For what? I haven't done anything.' 'For just being so - so you.' Jenna told him. 'I can see why Helen loves being around you. Why she loves you so much.' Roger did not reply. Instead he blushed, shifting awkwardly and pretending to be suddenly interested in the contents of his coffee mug. He was saved from any further embarrassment by Lukas. 'Right,' the medium glanced around at the expectant faces. 'We're ready?' MacKenzie and Helen nodded in unison. 'Good -okay. Jenna,' He smiled towards the suddenly tense young woman, 'firstly; I want you to try and relax a little. In a moment, the three of us are going to link up, and then try to find you. If we do, it's still possible that you may not sense us, or know that we're about. It's also possible that this may not work. Remember; it's an experiment - nothing more. If we do manage to connect, then we'll try and see if we can locate the link between you and your mother.' Lukas glanced at the other two, then back to Jenna. 'Jenna, I have to warn you - there are a lot of, 'ifs,' involved in this experiment. It may work; or it might be a complete waste of time. Do you understand?' 'Yes.' Jenna nodded solemnly. 'Thank you Lukas. Don't worry about me - I'll be fine. Just look after yourselves.' 'Okay.' Lukas studied her for a few seconds longer then nodded in satisfaction. 'Let's do it.' He settled onto the carpet, his back against the settee. In unspoken accord, the three closed their eyes. Lukas took the lead, and pulled the others into his mind. Almost instantly, three minds became one; melding together to create the entity known as the Nexus. With an ease born of much practice over the past year, the triumvirate mind left the demesne of the physical and became part of the aether; the limitless expanse of whatever limbo existed beyond conscious thought. Immediately, it began to cast around for any sign of the essence it would recognize as belonging to the psyche of Jenna Stapleton; sifting through the myriads of minds around them at a rate unfathomable to normal thought. Suddenly it ceased, as it came into contact with the one mind it required. Caressing tendrils of delicate energy probed, pushing gently at specific areas. The barrier around Jenna's mind gave fractionally, but held; refusing to yield. The tendrils withdrew, as if puzzled, and then tried again. Again the surface film enveloping and protecting the mind refused to allow entry through it. The tendrils withdrew, as the Nexus gave up the attempt. Instead, it spent uncountable moments of time examining Jenna's mind, studying it from all angles. Then it withdrew carefully, as it dissolved itself back into its component minds.

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    Well, Verm, I see you are now having trouble with the pagebreak.

    Really good plot. Moving along nicely.
    Good job.