Judy Garland

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I did this as a final exam for English in 2010.

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On June 10th, 1922 Judy Garland was born. She was the youngest child of Francis Advent Gumm and Ethel Marion Milne. This was the day a star was born. Throughout her lifetime she married 5 times but most didn't last long. When she was 21 she married David Rose but sadly divorced him after 3 years. The next year was the year when she married Vicente Minnelli who was a director at the time. After 6 years of being mistreated, she divorced him and marries Sid Luft (1952-1965). The same year she married Mark Herron but they only stayed together for 2 years. Mickey Deans was her last husband. Judy Garland was in many films and was an amazing singer and actress. She appeared in films such as the Wizard of Oz, Andy Hardy Meets Deutant, Strike up the Band and Little Nellie Kelly. The Wizard of Oz was what she was mainly famous for. She made and released 233 songs in her lifetime. Over her lifetime she won 3 Grammies and many more prestigious awards. The Grammies were for album of the year, best female solo performance and Grammy lifetime achievement award. She also had her name on the Hollywood walk of fame and after her death she was put into the Grammy Hall Of Fame. On June 22nd, 1969, Judy was found dead by her husband, Mickey Deans in her bathroom. The coroner said that the cause was "an incautious self over dosage" of barbiturates. The death of this star was never forgotten.

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    Very good, Elkie. And yes, Miss Garland did have a magnificent voice. She was a very talented woman.
    Brilliant - well done.
    This was very well done.

    Great job!