Your Hard Body

Poem written by flickeringfairy on Tuesday 12, April 2011

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Sensuality and sound personified

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Let's start at the top and work our way down. Your head, it's what holds it all together. The tense cords that reach through you, down to where you touch the ground and me. Your neck so strong and tall, reaching from your head to your beautiful body. The broadness of you when you are firmly planted between my legs. The sound that resonates from you, from within, so deep and soulful. It starts deep inside and vibrates out of your body. Your stand, growing with so little coaxing, so long and strong Pressing against the floor With one little twist of my thumb and forefinger you're under my control. Moaning so deeply, it melts me inside. Pressing my legs so firmly to you. Squeezing you between my thighs. Stroking you with long substantial movements. Until, in a frenzy, we collapse. Exhausted, from playing with you... My Cello.

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    Very clever; well written.
    HA! very nice
    Very very clever. And very good.!
    Really cute, love the imagery.
    very imaginative..nice work!