How Many Times

Riddle written by Freeman on Friday 29, September 2006

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Just a question

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How many times did you say I was the only one How many times did you mess me around How many times did you play your game How many times did you say he was only a friend How many times did you use me How many times did you lie to me How many times was it

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    I can relate to this *looks at hated person* so I give the plot 100. I give the imagery 100 because there wasn't much and it really shouldn't matter. flow/rythem is 100, spelling 100, and vocabulary gets a 100 since there were different words with same meanings. Now you have a 100% writer score.
    This feels a bit more like a poem or prose than a riddle. I'd be tempted to ask what the answer to the riddle is! But, I liked this. I've been in a situation much like this and I felt the same way.
    none? Wink
    I really like the lack of punctuation. It gives the effect that you're not really asking, or even saying, as much as simply emoting or maybe just feeling.
    Yes I have to agree with Mythbhavd that I guess this one looks like a poem than a riddle. but still, I like the way you pour your feeling into your work. i can also relate my experience with this riddle. good job!