A knight at night

Poem written by flickeringfairy on Tuesday 5, April 2011

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The classic tale of a Knight rescuing a Damsel in distress.

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My knight he called upon me last night. He wants to rescue me again. Will he save me from the chaos and confusion? Or will I just confuse him in the end? I'm worried you know. I even told him so. Wanting the peace, the tranquility. Wanting the cuddling, the serenity. Wanting nothing more than friends, Not the means to a physical end. Wanting to see if there could be more Wanting to know if fantasies are in store. Feeling happy, feeling thrilled Feeling at peace and content and fulfilled. Feeling as though this may be right Feeling grateful for my knight. Turning the page toward a new found day Hoping that this contentment will stay. Wanting the peace, the tranquility. What will happen? We shall see.

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    Very clever.
    Very good.
    I encountered trouble figuring out the rhyming pattern but very good.

    Four stars and a quarter overall, out of five.