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Prose written by Malicepoint on Thursday 31, March 2011

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"What I am is not something to be made a toss of upon as the usual centric tail off the backside of a donkey. Where flies of varying colors have few thoughts other than those pertaining to the fluffy flanglicle of fiery fury that that sad sad donkey has towards those dope flies. And of those flies is one with enough thought to some have one way or another a individual dream towards a timeless reality where everything is alike as water is to water. Keeping those things in thought I have actualization to believe that you and your simplistic mind could hardly comprehend the magnitude of my being. You see that I have an ability to make an effect just as the killing of animal goes into the subconscious of the man who is in fact the killer. What that sane same man does dauntingly realize is that he himself has the destructively dangerous diabolical job making sure that he is the top dog of all top dogs in a world where top dogs reign. Oh see great white beauty, an unknown entity, that has no real purpose in realms of great man. And yet a fly still defies the twirling and whirling, wirling and swirling around that big brown bush of fur that hopes to kill those pesky pretentious devil like creature that insist on fringing with its own piece. And you ask what my own piece of like mine state has to do with ridicule you insist on delivering when you ask what I am. I am the sun and the moon. The time it takes to make a cake of glorious intentions, the singing of sweetly bird. The tempering of great musicians work, the flow of which a river follows, I am me. What are you, a fly following the tail of a donkey?!"

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    I thought this was pretty funny. Good job. You need a bit of spelling and punctuation work on it.
    Nicely done.