Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Poem written by flickeringfairy on Monday 28, March 2011

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Feeling stuck in the mire caused by a repeating theme in my recent writings.

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I'm stuck on repeat. Kick me a little. Give me a nudge. Do something quick, I'm walking through sludge. I can't seem to get, Off of this ride. I can't seem to kick, This habit of mine Like a broken record, That just can't spin round. The groove is too deep, To get past the sound. I want to move forward, But I seem shackled here. I want to go on, Want to disappear. One little month May have already past. But it seems to me That it just might last. I'm stuck on repeat. I just can't shut off. I'm stuck on repeat. Stuck on repeat. Stuck on... Stuck.

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    Clever; I like this a lot.
    Very nice. Well written.
    I like this.. I somehow can empathize.
    Nicely done.