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Autobiography written by kt6550 on Wednesday 23, March 2011

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Well, thank goodness for the Den. I've enjoyed my time here, and enjoyed reading the submissions of my fellow Denizens. But now, my feelings run to more than enjoyment; indeed, they run to gratitude. I'm a MAC user. I have been for several years, and I think the MAC is an OS that is superior to Windows. Of course, it costs more as well. I have an iMAC with the Boot Camp software. Boot Camp allows you to load both Leopard, which is the Apple OS, and Windows. With Boot Camp, you get to make your choice which OS you want when you boot. Why would I want to run both systems? Simple. There is a game I enjoy, called Trainz, which is only available for Windows. It is the only game I have played for the past eight years or so. If you want to see what Trainz is all about, visit the Auran website. And this is where my story begins. I had my system partitioned with a bare-bones version of XP running on the Windows side. All that was on that side was Trainz. I had purchased an external hard drive, where I kept confidential files and all of my writings. I removed Windows from the system and decided just to run Leopard for a while, to see how things worked. They worked fine. I had all of my writings, as well as my checkbook and tax returns, neatly locked up in secure databases on the external drive. The databases were a product called Data Guardian, offered by Koingo Software. About a week ago, I decided everything was fine and decided to reinstall Windows and resume playing my game. I partitioned the main drive, using Boot Camp and following the instructions, and proceeded to load Windows on the new partition. And then I created a problem that I didn't know existed until I went back to Apple to visit the Den. For those of you who are not aware of how these OS's work, it's simple. When they load, either through booting or installation, they look for new hardware. They then hook into it and prompt you for software drivers to install if they are required. Windows saw the external hard drive, loaded with data from my Apple OS, and decided it was empty. As I had chosen to use NTFS for the Windows file system, Windows reformatted the external drive in that format. All of my data from Apple went away. To make matters worse, Leopard refused to recognized the hard drive when I was using that OS. So I now have the hard drive set to use Apple only. Koingo is sending me a new copy of Data Guardian on CD. It should be here in a few days. With the 100% accuracy of hindsight, I should have known better. I should have known to disconnect the hard drive before I began the Windows install. I guess I had a brain cramp. Why be thankful for The Den? There is a place where all of my writings exist, and it is possible for me to recover them. Heartfelt thanks many times over, Mr. Routh.

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    Agreed--this little site has saved me many writings (and lost a few when it failed to submit). Overall, it kept many alive--some I don't even remember.

    Also, you should check out the board game "Ticket to Ride." If you have enough friends available, you guys can play.
    Whew to that Kt; that is one of my worse fears, losing all of my work!

    Praise to the Den in deed! I must admit though, I do have a couple of copies of my works on an external hard drive, and two dongles - one of which I keep in my bag at all times! I was even toying with the idea to write some to disk. lol

    Yes... yes, I am slightly neurotic.
    In that case, might I suggest Google documents? This is an online word-processor, and an excellent way to keep your work safe.

    And yes, I'm terrified of losing wok; I have several flash drives, and do a bi-monthly CD backup of my documens files in both windows and Ubuntu OS's.
    I must admit the technical stuff was way over my head, kt, but I could feel your relief. Long live the den.

    Since I live in the dark ages, I simply print off chapters as I write them and keep them in folders (real cardboard ones). I've heard that Stephen King and people from the olden days in the 70's used to to this.

    Of course, if kt or Verm did this they would need a small room dedicated just for that purpose.
    What you tryin' to say, Rob?
    That you're both terrific & prolific, Verm......

    Hey that's not bad, I'll use that at some point in the future.