Damn Doctors

Chant written by flickeringfairy on Monday 21, March 2011

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Pardon my French! A rant for those frustrated with the lack of trust a Dr. has in their patients ability to know their own body.

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[left][/left]I have a screw loose in my head Damn Doctors I told them that my face felt dead Damn Doctors The numbness did not go away Despite all the stupid things they'd say Damn Doctors. Listen to me Damn Doctors I know what I feel Damn Doctors It is not a game I'd best not be lame Damn Doctors And now what to do? More listening to you? Oh please tell me why I would even want to try Damn Doctors Ignorance is Bliss Damn Doctors Except when it's this Damn Doctors There was something wrong I knew all along Damn Doctors But you f-ed it up While I suck it up Well here's what you do Take out the screw. Damn Doctors And while you're at it, take out the plate. And shove it up your ass Damn Doctors!

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    The F-bomb is a bit over the top, the anger is expressed very well with or without it.

    I'll make sure not to get on your bad side.

    Well done.
    I agree with Boney, F-word may be a little too much. The anger definitely comes through, very well expressed.
    I don't drop the f-bomb much, but nothing better came to me in the moment. And I like the way it goes with the next line. I'll think on it and see if I can revise it later. Thank you.
    Oh I liked this Flick.
    A feeling I'm sure many people can relate to! It perfectly captures the frustration of not being trusted to know your own body/mind. Well said.
    Cursing and Swearing are sometimes the only way to express ones self. Anger coming to a boil, and just as fast as the water boils into a steam to escape into the air. So to, do Curses and Swears roll from the tongue.

    You can tell a level a persons character by their willing or restraint to just harsh words like the "F-bomb" You used it to express the character well, and masked it so as not to offend readers outright. I commend your restraint and bravery both. Well written.