Autobiography written by flickeringfairy on Thursday 17, March 2011

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A piece of the puzzle meant to give those without a glimpse into the reality of Adult ADD.

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This is a glimpse into what it's like having ADD as a mom and the head of a household. This is in the period of about one hour. Sit down while the kids are gone to catch up on emails and organize iTunes. While you're there get distracted by someone IM-ing you. This is a welcomed distraction at the moment. Email was feeling tedious. While you're doing that start a list of CDs you already have on iTunes, but can't find the pen you already grabbed because you already lost it. Find another one. Continue the conversation with the IM-er. Tell them how you are organizing your iTunes. Go look through the CDs to find the ones you know you missed. While there, realize you have some out of order. Fix them. But, keep yourself on task by only rearranging a few. Come back and answer a text from the IM-er because you've been gone. Get back to work. Load CDs. Decide that while they are downloading you should go eat some food. Head to the kitchen to heat up the sloppy joe you put in the fridge when you were too rushed to eat. Remember that besides a Strawberry Koolata and some junk food you haven't eaten all day. Two feet out the door to the bedroom realize there is a closet door in the hallway, you did just put it there two days ago. Move it down the hallway closer to the door to exit. Stop in the room where all the boxes are that you have been unpacking from the move. Plug in the light, it's dark. Cheer that you got it to stand up because it broke the other day. Worry that there isn't a curtain on that window and try to figure something out. While looking in the closet for a sheet remember that you need to install the closet bar to hang your daughter's clothes. Look for a screwdriver to do just that. On the way to the screwdriver realize you have CDs downloading. Go back to computer to..... change one out, but, since it wasn't finished start typing about ADD. Pause in the middle of typing like this..... to take out the CD. Finish your foray into an attempt at helping people understand what it's like in your head for something less than an hour. This does not include, of course, every thought in my head in that time. Merely the ones that are ADD related. Lyrics and moments of ooh, I like that song, and oops where did that thing go, and "Am I spelling this word correctly?" along with a trip to look it up are all there too. As well as, what's happening on FaceBook and all the emailing and responses and organizing of stuff on the computer that happens along with these things. I even managed to watch some Tsunami videos and one about a dog that is sticking by it's hurt doggy friend after the devastation. Those were just part of the normal part of my hour or so.

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    I'm too tired after work recently to have ADD. I used to have LDD in school for the fact of my low blood pressure and that they didn't give us enough work. "L" here stands for lucidity. IMO most people who are convinced they have ADD are just very easily bored and the ammount of actions they can complete in an hour very different actions speaks more of a greater sense of practicality and utilisation of time derived from that ever-present feeling of boredom.

    ADD if it is a disorder is like being unable to complete any task because you try to complete everything at the same time. I don't see a problem in succesfully completing all tasks by breaking them down and managing the down-time within each task into a bit of another task. Down time I can explain as the time it takes your CD to get burned, in that time you can IM. In the time it takes your friend to respond to you you can find your pen. While on the way to find your pen you can use the time you walk through the hallway to move the closet door. In the time you move the closet door a hundred different thoughts may pass through your mind.

    I might be wrong but I don't see anything unnatural in practicality. If so other people should be blamed for being too easily occupied by any single task and not being efficient enough.
    Nicely written. I remember that when I was a youngster, there was no ADD. You were simply a 'bad kid,' to be whacked when you did not sit still.
    @ the nev... I am convinced that ADD is not as prominent as it is made out to be. I am also convinced that it can at times be an advantage at times.

    When I compile a list of the things I accomplish in a day, most people tire from just thinking about it. But, what I failed to talk about is the result of all this ADD behavior was that the door is just further down the hallway a day later, and it took me another 3 hours to get to my food.

    I'm not seeking pity or feeling bad for myself. Just trying to bring to light something a lot of people are unfamiliar with, from an insiders perspective.

    The only task I did accomplish in that time frame was to let the computer download the CDs. Thank goodness for the sound of iTunes letting me know it was done or I wouldn't have.

    Oh, and as a matter of reference. There is a characteristic called hyperfocus that comes along with ADD. For kids it's usually computers or video games. For me it was books and TV. My mom thought I was epilectic and having mini seizures because no matter how hard she tried to get my attention I wouldn't noticed if caught up in one of those.

    My son says he doesn't like when I clean because I forget about everything else. It's true, I get so hyperfocused on cleaning a room or an area that I forget to eat or drink or shamefully feed my kids and respond to their needs.

    @kt ...Thank you. I was the daydreamer. Never had the hyper part, but I did get in trouble for talking to others when I was supposed to be working. The dog house was not unfamiliar to me.
    first of all, lol at Kt

    second, good job! the stream of consciousness here was very entertaining! good job =-)
    Fast-paced and frenetic; an excellent essay.
    Thanks verm and ozcar. I was hoping the freneticism would come through when read. You never know with these things. So, thank you for your compliments. Smile