Poem written by flickeringfairy on Wednesday 16, March 2011

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From the inside out

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My stuffing is coming out. Can you help me put it back? What's that you say? You're falling apart? Well, this stuffing here I think I can spare. Did that help? Is that good? Hmm, that was nice you say? It made you feel full? I liked it too. Maybe I can spare some more. You look like you could use it. I think this is nice, Me helping you. It feels good to share. It feels nice to know that you are warm inside. That I helped with that, that I've built you up. What's that you say? Can I share with you and someone else? I don't know, let me think. Oh, I see, you already are. The one that tore you apart to begin with The one that tears you up a little each time. You're giving to her what I gave to you? You're taking from me to fill yourself up? You're wanting me to keep it up? You're wanting me to fill and fill? You're wanting to just pull and pull? But what do I get, Besides colder and thinner? What do I get besides less of me? My stuffing has been ripped out. But I will get it anew. I will find it myself In this place and that. I will find it and build myself up Stuff myself full. And stitch it all back. But not for you.

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    Good. Your where it should be You're. Will not rate for now but nice plot and imagery.
    It made me think of apple pie.
    That is lovely.
    Thanks darn it. Had it fixed and it didn't stick. Changing now. Thanks.
    I really liked this and your use of double entendre. I also liked the message of it.

    Very clever little poem. Smile
    Very good. Nicely written.