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Essay written by flickeringfairy on Friday 25, February 2011

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Under the influence.........(of a muse)

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A muse, not amuse, although I think it's ironic that a word that means to cause to laugh is similar to the words that can mean a source of inspiration. I've had muses. They seem to be few and far between, but does a muse have to be a person? Could it be a thing, a concept, a situation, a state of mind? My most productive moments, in the past, have been those spawned by boredom. I'm talking pen and paper productive, not work, obviously. In other words, boredom was my muse. Can a muse be bad for us? I think this has been proven to be the case in most of the stories, the myths and legends. Muses can drive us to the brink of insanity and even push us over the edge. They can cloud our judgment and create outcomes that are less than desirable. So why then would one seek a muse? Is it pure lack of inspiration otherwise? Do the divinities only smile down upon those that approach the arts with a muse at their side? Me thinks not. But, whose to say that the work churned out with or without a muse is worth its weight, so to speak? Is the work done in the presence of a muse that much better? And if a muse is harmful or can be, is it worth it? I propose these questions near the beginning of a streak of writing. At the moment I am grateful for my recently departed muse. I'm not sure how I'll be feeling as the inspiration wears off, as the influence dwindles. Until I know how long this streak will last or the quality of the work that is pouring out of me I can only speculate. I'm thinking muses are bad. Or rather, muses are wonderfully inspiring and equally, devastatingly, destructive. This being my first foray into writings inspired by the manifestation of a muse in corporeal form, I will be taking notes (mental notes) I hate writing.

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    A most cogent and entertaining little essay.

    Very well written.
    Interesting. Food for thought, so to speak.
    Got me thinking.

    I think my muse is my daughter (though she's only 7 so I wouldn't let her read most of my stuff). She just comes out with little (years beyond) her statements that start a train of thought in my mind; though usually it ends in a train crash (though that's my fault, not her's).
    Well, I highly doubt that my statement about a muse being bad for you would apply to your daughter. That's really cool. Although, if she's anything like my 8yo, she probably is destructive in more mundane ways, like indoor cyclones. Smile