Poem written by flickeringfairy on Monday 21, February 2011

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Follow up to Warnings Unheeded

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The strings hurt, they pull whether many, whether few. Tugging this way and that drawing blood, tearing holes. The hurt was good before. The blows were softer in the days of yore. Now I'm afraid I'll come undone, Too many strings, too little fun. There's nothing quite like opening your eyes To the fact that a relationship is built on lies. It should have ended long ago I just hid the pain, didn't let it show. Now it's over, no more strings. No more pulling off my wings. I can be an angel, watch me soar. No more settling the score.

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    Another which is very good. Last two lines are better too. Nice imagery.
    Thank you. The previous one was described by moi as choppy verse. Once I figure out how to say what I want without the cliche and make it fit I will fix it. Thank you for the compliments and constructive criticism.
    Very, very good.
    nice job!! very enjoyable to read
    Thank you. Smile