Me as Cake

Autobiography written by flickeringfairy on Tuesday 15, February 2011

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Let's just pretend for a second that you are a piece of cake. I am. I'm pretending to be a piece of cake. What type of cake would you be? Let's look at some options. One of my favorites is Angel Food. This cake is light, airy, fluffy, white, with a brown crusty top or bottom. If that cake were a person it would not sound very appealing. This cake is not me. I am not an angel food cake. Even the name implies that it is the food of angels. I'm not that good. On the other end of the moral cake spectrum you have Devil's Food. I'm not that bad either. I prefer something else taste wise anyway. Although, I do love chocolate. Okay, banana cake, blueberry, apple, carrot, these cakes are sometimes nutty, sometimes dense, usually without a sugary coating(icing) and a good healthy balance. I like these cakes, but they do not stand alone as a cake that is enough to be me. I am sometimes nutty, definitely dense at times, and rarely do I come with icing. I am rarely sugar coated. No, none of those is quite right. I think I have it. I think if I were a cake I would be a molten chocolate lava cake, but not just any version. The kind with the tough crusty shell. Here's why. I have a tough exterior, but when you crack into me, when I let you take a bite of me, I'm sweet, warm on the inside, smooth and silky. I'm good with ice cream and can melt it down within a matter of minutes if I'm hot enough on the inside. I taste rich and can satisfy your cravings with just a small bite. But, just like one of those cakes, if you let me go if you don't enjoy me while I'm still warm, I harden back up. My crust gets harder, my insides stiffen and trust me after a while you won't want to take another bite. I can be reheated and I can be warmed back up, but not with exactly the same results. I will still be sweet, but my exterior will get tougher and tougher, and after too much neglect I'll break your tooth with my tough exterior. Why you might ask? Why, because just like a lava cake eventually all the warm and gooey, sweet, soft insides will run out and all that will be left is the tough exterior.

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    This is very insightful, and an interesting take on ones self.

    Very enjoyable.
    Brilliant & superbly written.

    I think I'd be a fruit cake..........
    Very enjoyable.

    I'm Black Forest Gateaux - cream, chocolate, and cherry spice.
    Short in copy but large in imagination. Very nice.
    Very good. Nicely done.
    Thank you everyone.