The Time to Die

Poem written by Raven on Monday 18, February 2002

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As I stand before the gates of hell I hear the droan of a single bell It tells the time the gates will open Never again will my name be spoken I pass beyond great plillars of flame My mind struggles to remember your name With my head in my hands I drop to my knees Saying "Let me remember please" As I turn the gates behind me close I look behind the bars and see a rose A rose with petals as soft as your face God please let me out of this place I hold the rose tight in my hand Slowly it begins to turn to sand I look upwards from within this space I see you standing there crying I hate what I've done by dying To forget your soft and gentle touch God knows I love you so very much But now it's time for me to part Time for you to make a new start But remember this till your dying day In my heart you'll always stay The love I gave you will help you see You will always have a part of me

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    A bit down for me. I embrace reincarnation, so the poem is a bit depressing. But it does expression deep-seated emotion nicely.