The Ice Cream Curse

Children's Story written by BetsyBaby on Friday 18, August 2006

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Be careful what you wish for!

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Frances really loved ice cream. Everyone loves ice cream, but for Frances it was much more serious. If her mother would allow it, she could eat ice cream morning, noon and night! That is, until she was cursed. She was ice cream cursed. The day started just like any other. It was 7 a.m. and Frances' mother was trying to wake her for school. "You'll be late again, if you don't get moving," mother said. "But, I'm still sleepy," Frances said with a yawn. "Up - now!" Mother commanded. "Oh, all right," Frances grumbled. She slowly got dressed for school. Mother handed her her backpack and lunch bag. "And don't forget, we're having Aunt Marian over for dinner tonight," mother said. "So, no junk food, and no ice cream!" No ice cream? thought Frances. How terrible! As she walked to school, Frances began to think. I wish that I could have ice cream all the time. In fact, I wish that anything I touch would turn to ice cream just for me! Frances pondered this idea. How spectacular! How wonderful! If everything she touched turned to ice cream, Mother would never know how much she was having! When Frances arrived at school, she sat patiently at her desk waiting for class to begin. She pulled a pencil out from her backpack, and, as she had a habit of doing, started chewing on the eraser. Only it wasn't an eraser. Frances' pencil had turned into ice cream! Oh my! thought Frances. It actually worked! She sat at her desk nibbling on her eraser, which had turned into strawberry, Frances' favorite flavor of ice cream. Then she bit the end of the pencil and before she knew it, she had eaten the whole thing. It's a good thing I have more pencils! thought Frances. But each time she pulled out a pencil it turned into ice cream. After she had eaten an entire package of pencils, Frances was thirsty as ever. She asked the teacher, Miss Tanner, if she could go to the water fountain in the hall. Boy, do I need a drink! thought Frances. She leaned over the top of the fountain and pressed the button. The arc of water looked enticing, but as Frances started to drink, even the water turned into ice cream. "Oh, no!" wailed Frances. "What am I going to do?" "Frances, is everything all right out here?" Miss Tanner had come to check on her. "No," cried Frances. "Everything I touch turns into ice cream and I'm so thirsty!" Frances began to cry, big salty tears that reached the corners of her mouth and became big globs of vanilla ice cream. "Now, now," Miss Tanner said. "I think you have a very active imagination. I'm sure that nothing you touch has turned to ice cream." "But it has," sniffled Frances. I ate a whole package of pencils this morning and now when I try to drink from the fountain, the water becomes ice cream, too." "Well, how did this happen?" Miss Tanner asked. "Nothing turned to ice cream yesterday, did it?" "No," said Frances. "I wished it this morning while I was walking to school. I wished that everything I touched would turn to ice cream and it does." "Well," said Miss Tanner, "well, this is a problem. What do you think we should do about it?" "I don't know," cried Frances, as fresh tears began streaming down her face. "I just don't know." "You wished it, you say?" asked Miss Tanner. "Yes," said Frances. "While I was walking to school I wished that I could have ice cream whenever I wanted and I wished that everything I touch would turn into ice cream." "Well, how do you make something you wished for go away?" asked Miss Tanner. "I don't know," said Frances, still sniffling. "I never un-wished for something to happen." "That's it!" said Miss Tanner. "An un-wish!" "An un-wish," Frances murmured. "Do you think if I un-wish that everything I touched would turn to ice cream, that it will all go back the way it was?" "It just might," Miss Tanner said. "Frances, it just might. Why don't you try it?" "All right," said Frances, "I'll try. I wish that everything I touch would stay exactly the way it is. No more ice cream!" Frances took a drink from the fountain. "Miss Tanner! It worked! The water is still water! The un-wish worked! Oh, thank you, thank you so much!" Miss Tanner smiled. "Okay, Frances. Let's get back to class now." Frances followed Miss Tanner back into the classroom. And for the rest of the day, nothing Frances touched became ice cream. At lunchtime, her peanut butter and jelly sandwich stayed that way, and her milk stayed, too. At snack time, the graham crackers stayed graham crackers and the apple juice stayed apple juice. And that night when Aunt Marian came to dinner, the meatloaf was meatloaf and the mashed potatoes were mashed potatoes. "Frances!" said mother. "I am so proud of you! You've eaten all your dinner without a single complaint. Very good!" Frances smiled to herself as she thought, I'm just glad that it hasn't turned into ice cream! "And now," said mother, "because you've been so good, I have a special treat. Just for you," she said, "ice cream!" #####

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    LOL. I loved this.