The Theeon Saga - Chapter 03

Story written by common on Monday 10, January 2011

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CHAPTER THREE The four of them - Reven, Tarkell and Green, along with Arvin, sat huddled in his sleeping quarters, discussing ideas for their escape, making sure to keep the conversation to a whisper. As of now, nothing had come up among the populace, about the incident in the bar quarters. The one-mark Theeons must have kept quiet about it, too ashamed to utter a word. 'So; plans aside for a minute, I have to ask,' began Reven. 'Where were you all, before this happened?' he looked around at everyone. Tarkell was the first to answer. 'I worked for C.M.A - the Coal Mining Alliance' 'Which sector?' asked Green. 'North. You?' 'South.' They exchanged a small smile. 'Small world, huh?' laughed Tarkell. 'How about you, Reven? Arvin?' 'I was in government communications.' said Reven. They looked at him in disbelief. 'For a government prick, you can sure handle a bar chair,' joked Green. Reven laughed, and continued, 'hey, you tax payers paid for my beers, so I learnt how to survive in a bar'. He paused for a moment. 'But no; that aside, government communications meant I handled the lines between us and the Theeons, before it all went pear-shaped. We invited them here and they blended in well; they look human, after all. And no one can tell the difference, unless you pay attention to the markings. So they just blended in. We thought them equal. Little did we know they were planning to enslave us - to force us to mine this shit for them.' 'How did you end up being in the mines then, if you're a government worker.' inquired Green. 'Shit luck I guess. No; I played along - figured I could do better down here, than up on the surface. Take them down from the inside.' He let out a deep sigh. 'But up till now, there's been little progress. I'm hoping this all changes now, with the help from you lot' Up until now, Arvin had remained quiet, sitting back; listening to them speak, and trying to get his mind around it all. Where did it all go wrong? And why? They got in amongst us - to enslave the human race. To make us work for them. But why? The question of why kept rolling over in his mind. The light from the candle on the wall made his eyes almost look a pure white; he sat there still like he was in a trance. It wasn't until Reven called his name, that he came back to reality, his eyes returning to their normal grey. 'Where did you go then, mate?' Reven asked. Arvin sat blinking, looking at everyone, letting his mind readjust before speaking. 'I was in the military; back before all of this.' He said, voice quiet; a near murmur. The three sat, eyes fixed on him, waiting for him to continue. 'Before I got sent to the mines, I remember coming across some paperwork; the "TOP SECRET" kind.' His forefingers made quotation marks in the air. 'My eyes were never meant to see such a thing, but nevertheless they did. Apparently, the government knew about the Theeons a long time ago. How long ago, I have no idea. They'd developed a register for the Theeons when they arrived, so we could track their numbers, so as to not outnumber the regular human population. But, it seemed the Theeons were good at getting around such things, hence why they took us so easily'. He paused, taking a deep breath, eyes fixed firmly on the dirt floor of the sleeping quarters as he spoke. 'When their attack began, that's when we learnt of their ability to shift, change arms into a lance for instance. I'm sure they can do a lot more too.' He paused again, the length of his speech tiring him out. He sat quietly, till Reven spoke up. 'But, what are we mining? I know we're extracting something. But to me, it just seems like some sort of black coal-like substance, or am I mistaken?' 'You're mistaken, I'm afraid. The substance we're in fact mining is a form of Tyrcolnate. Whe-,' Tarkell cuts him short. 'What? Tyrcolnate?, Never heard of it, not in all my years mining coal. What about you, Green?' Green shakes his head slowly. 'No. Only substance I know of, that sounds anything like it is Procolnate. We mined it in the south' 'This is a much more concentrated form; we're mining it for them, so they can wipe us out. Put together in the right manner, and with their technology, they can destroy our whole planet, taking us with it.' The three sat confused, and amazed at how much Arvin knew about the situation. For the rest of the night, or what they perceived as the night, the four slaves planned out every detail of their escape; mapped it down to a four man job. They all knew the risks involved, and that they'd be killed on sight, if discovered, or captured. But all agreed, it was better than staying down here to die in the mines. So they prepared themselves for the coming day, when the plan would become a reality.

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    An excellent continuation; the tension rises.

    Well done.
    Okay. Keep going.
    I love this story, I just wish the chapters were longer.

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