Prose written by Rob Kosy on Saturday 8, January 2011

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For Dad.

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Whoa, the light it, it's.........pulsing. And, and......voices "W-What was that?" "You saw that?" "W-What's happening? You sound like you're above me. Why is the light getting bigger, It-it's crushing me-" He's right, I'm floating. He seems far away and.....the voices again. It's my family.....oh no, they're crying. I can feel Mr C's panic. This must be it- "There's nothing on the other side, Mick, nothing! You hear me? How can you know what's on the other side-" "Cos you're in my liver, not my heart, moron. You can't rob me of the love or even taint it. The loves coming with me, Mr C." "Ahh, it's too bright and those damned voices, make them stop, please, Mick." The voices again. Louder now, clearer. I can feel them. They're in the light, they are the light. The light is everything. It's all the love, all the hate. Everything -the good and the bad- that we've ever done. It's family, it's friends, it's every kindness we've ever given or received. The black has gone entirely now (goodbye Mr C, and good riddance) and there's still no pain; because I can hear them now, my family. But they're not standing at my bed anymore. They're coming from above, from the light. And suddenly I know it all. It's timeless, it's beyond comprehension. You don't want for anything or anyone in the light. And it all ties in, cos if there's one thing life has taught me it's this; the living are the ones who suffer, it's the mortal who wait. But in the light, time doesn't exist, they're all already there; everyone, everything, every place I've ever's all there. I'm not on my back anymore and I feel.....fantastic, twenty years younger. I'm rising faster now, the light rushing, growing brighter. I find that I don't have to squint, it's like I'm part of it.

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    Rob, this is a great story; masterfully told with just the right amount of defiance. Your use of analogies is fantastic.
    Mister Kosy, mister Kosy - what can I say.

    I've wiped away the errant tear, and can see again, to type.

    This is incredible. Inspirational, Vividly told.

    I was hooked, from first word, to the last. An amazing piece.
    Don, kt, Verm; thank you!

    This was so personal I wasn't sure whether to post it, and I must say, I shed many a tear writing it (but lots of laughs too).

    Dad never had this wonderful conduit in which he could express himself, but I do, & I thank you all for your kind remarks.

    This really is a "cracking" place to come.

    This piece really hits home, it moved me like no other thing i've read since joining.

    Thank you for sharing it with everyone.