Poem written by Invisible Heroine on Wednesday 22, December 2010

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Boys, Boys, Boys

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You have my insides twisted in knots, all I do is think about you. You make me second guess everything I do, you scare me. For so long I've been frozen; frozen from touch, frozen from feeling. But then you came along, with hands like heaters, ready to tear my icy skin to shreds. I know nothing about you, except for your constantly judging eyes. You watch me walk, talk, read, and breathe. Yet what you think of me, I have no clue. Your eyes are black holes, taking in everything, yet not kind enough to give anything back. I am a champion at figuring people out. I know their ins and outs, their fears and comforts, better than they do. But you, You have me tripping over my own feet, you force me to walk barefoot on tight rope made of barbed wire. If only I knew what you thought of me. I feel like I'm walking on ice when I'm with you. Ready to crack, and the bad new and truth to crash around me. You make me hate you, You make me hate myself.

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    Very good!
    I second that emotion.

    loved the tight rope made of barbed wire.