The Moon Shines Softly

Poem written by Mythbhavd on Tuesday 21, December 2010

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A poem written with my wife in mind.

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The moon shines softly on your skin The stars your eyes adorn Your midnight hair stirs in the wind It glows so dark and warm Like roses kissed by the dew Are your lovely lips And I love the taste of you Honey from the comb that drips Your body is a joy to me A pleasure to my eyes Your sensual curves I love to see You make my passion rise I long to feel you in my arms So warm and soft and firm To know and taste of your charms Our love through touch affirmed But more than skin and hair and eyes And lips soft like a rose More than sight and taste and touch And your spicy scent that fills my nose It is your heart that drew me then And holds me ever true Your beauty starts so deep within And in every way shines through And so I say I want you From now to ever more Your taste, your touch, your sight, your scent, And your heart that I adore -mmc ©9/28/10

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    Very nice.
    unashamedly passionate and earthy, references to sensual curves, the taste, touch, smell of a woman. I'm sure all the guys here can relate to the emotions expressed here, damn sure I can! The rhythm of verses 1 and 3 are perfect, and the last verse is lovely. Its very ambitious to rhyme lines 1 and 3, and 2 and 4, I've tried it and its tough! This is a lovely romantic poem... with just a few tweeks it could be a stunner!!! Smile