Totem of Earth

Fantasy written by ladylunaivy on Saturday 20, November 2010

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How I crossed paths with my earth totem.

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A voiceless song sings out upon the wind calling me deeper into the ancient forest realm. My steps are smooth and slow over the cool earth as her almost forgotten magic speaks to my soul. A gust of chilled breeze slips across my cheek like a welcoming kiss as I enter her great circle. Deep breaths draw my attention just to the right of me. A great bear, its fur as deep a brown as the earth itself, stands calmly. My heart never flutters in fear of the creature; instead it feels as if it slows just slightly as our hearts begin to beat in perfect harmony. The bear and I move closer to one another, eyes locked in a gaze that could never be broken. I extent my hands to this mammoth animal that stands at eyes level with me; he in return welcomingly pushes his muzzle into my open palms. My fingers move down his neck, playing through his thick fur, as I lean in and place my forehead against his. He releases a single warm breath slowly and as he does I take it deep into my lungs. I hold it there for but a moment before releasing it and the bear taking in my breath and holding onto it for a moment. We repeat this action thrice to complete the ritual. Our souls blend together again as our spirit has always been. No words are spoken, there are none that exist; they are simply known to the longing soul that has found its sacred home.

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    Very nice. Ever think of writing this as free verse?
    Just a thought.
    An excellent piece.
    Very good. It is both complete and a beginning; your choice, a rare thing.
    It's great but I always seem to get a great sense of frustration when a piece of this quality finishes so prematurely! Please continue with this... you really have something here.
    well done...btw, long time