The Laughing Man

Fable written by LilShiro59 on Friday 12, November 2010

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I don't know what it is, but this seems to fit.

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"I'll show you my strength! I'll show you my power!" The massive man would bellow as he lifted what no other man could. His strength was a gift, His power a wonder. Each day he lifted what no other could, Laughing at his strength And the crowds faces. One day his audience grew scarce And the laughter silent. So he called to the world, "I'll show you my strength! I'll show you my power! I'll hold the world in my hands!" At the sound of his call, his crowd returned. He smirked then yelled to them, "I'll show you my strength! I'll show you my power!" And so, he brought the world down, holding it on his shoulders. Laughing because he had done what no other could. But then his laugh grew silent, for the world could not take the burden of his ego; and the laughing man became the squashed man. When the world returned to its natural spin, and the people beheld the squashed man, they laid roses by his purple feet. Leaving him to his pitiful grave, for no one hath pity for a conceited man.

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    Really very good
    Well done.