My World

Poem written by Raven on Monday 18, February 2002

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You are my world You are my air, my water, my food My rain and sunshine You make my world so much better My world is a happy place with you in it I look into your eyes, and see love and I know that love is meant for me I see the happiness I give you, and you give me I hope I can spend my life by your side I don't want to live in my world without you in it As I touch your face I'm reminded of a rose That soft and gentle touch That always means so very much You are so gentle and loving with me It makes me feel good knowing you'll always care I feel so much better knowing you'll be here for me You're here when I need to talk and feeling down You're always trying to cheer me up And make me feel better when I need it As you hold me in your arms I feel so very safe and comfortable I wish I could stay there forever I love you so very much "I could lose myself in you"

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    Nicely done.