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Poem written by Invisible Heroine on Thursday 30, September 2010

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A short story-poem about the boy i like being my best guy friend and home coming happening in less than 3 weeks

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18 days until the dance he still hasn't asked me should I ask him? what if he say's "no"? will it ruin our friendship? maybe the reason he hasn't asked me is because.... he doesn't like me.... he's my best guy friend, maybe more but does he have others? he so popular, I'm so not everyone says "your young give it shot" "you only live once do what you want" "what have you got to lose?" "If he says no it's not the end of the world" But it would be the end of the world. I fantasize everyday, about him asking me, I say "yes", we dance the night away, and we date until I move next summer, loving each other every minute we're together. Please make my fantasy come true! Brandon, please ask me! ****okay I know it's not the best I really write this in like 5 minutes I really wanted to get my emotions down and I didn't even get them all down, because i was even planing on asking him to the dance and i have this knot in my stomach and my mouth goes dry when I even think about it. If you want to know the full sorta story here's a link to a blog i posted earlier about it:

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    Sometimes, tho, it's just good tto get your feelings down on 'paper', isn't it?

    It's therapautic, and good for you.
    Yea, give it a shot; then, you'll know. You're young, so go for it.
    Young lady, you got it bad! Grin
    Ah, now the memories are flooding back.
    I can only imagine how many lasses (girls) wanted me to ask them to the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance?
    I would have loved just one of them to ask me though.
    So do it. (not me, of course cos Brandon would get upset because he's hoping you'll ask him to the Fish Under The Sea Dance).