iPod. Do You?

Essay written by BetsyBaby on Friday 28, July 2006

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As an employee of a public high school, I see a lot of strange and unusual things. Today, for instance, I learned the word ?dweeb? is making a comeback. Are we all reliving the 80s, all of a sudden? Are we sure we want to go in that direction? The Dweeb Movement (as I?ve decided to call it) was put in motion by a teacher, for heaven?s sake! She wanted to see if she could start a new (recycled?) trend. We?ll see how it goes. And what?s the deal with teenage girls and sequined handbags? I watched two girls walking down the hall recently and nearly fell down. I was blinded by the sunlight glinting off the giant silver sequins sewn onto their purses. And it seems as though no color is safe. There are glittery blue ones, glittery green ones, and glittery gold ones. All of sudden sequins, which I thought went out with the 70s to be honest, are making this huge appearance on pocketbooks, on flip-flops, on the fanny pocket of blue jeans, on halter-tops for heaven?s sake. Halter-tops!! One more fashion oops that seems to running rampant again in high schools. What I really wanted to talk about today, though, is not clothing, or accessories or adolescent language. It?s the latest electronic movement. That?s right: the iPod. Prior to this writing, I didn?t even know what iPod stood for. When I did an Internet search, I got such varied results as ?Image Processor for Optical Data? thanks to our friends at NASA, ?Independent Party of Delaware,? and ?International Patent Organism Depositary.? I?m not so sure I want to know the meaning of that last one. According to Lucent Technologies, iPod means ?Interface Protocol Option Devices.? A bit too technical for my limited knowledge of the mechanics of computers. The simplest acronym was ?Internet Pod? from Apple Computers. You can?t get any more straightforward than that, now can you? The Apple website also offered a definition of iPod. A ?pocket-sized ultralight hard-drive based device.? Working for the public school system, I?d say they are ?pocket-sized ultralight pains in the ass,? myself. When I began working for the public school system, I was informed that students are not supposed to use any kind of electronic devices during school hours. So, anytime between the hours of 8 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., anyone caught with a cell phone, walkman, CD player, iPod, video gaming system or the like, is, in theory, given disciplinary action. So how come I still see them everywhere?! I am not a school administrator, nor am I a teacher. I?d like to think that regardless of that, however, I am still an authority figure. I don?t have the power to punish students, but I can still remind them that are some things they shouldn?t be doing. It has, however, made me feel somewhat of a hypocrite. Because, truth be told, I?m jealous. Now that I?ve learned what they are, I?ve decided I could really use an iPod. Unfortunately, the salary of an administrative assistant (read: secretary) doesn?t support that fancy. I guess it?s for the best, though. After all, would the students feel it is their right to scold me if they found me sitting at my desk with ear buds in place, bee-bopping to Fleetwood Mac or the Little River Band? They might. At this high school, they just might. ######

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