Men and Love

Essay written by Mythbhavd on Friday 28, July 2006

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A reflective essay.

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What is it that causes a man to love a woman? Is it her beauty? Yes and no. Oh, some may argue that it is, but beauty is only that which attracts. Lust is often mistaken for love, but lust fades. We fall in love with the idea of beauty, but if our entire relationship is built on physical beauty, then when we find that beauty marred by the person beneath, the lust flees and we find ourselves longing for something more. Is it her mind? Perhaps. Idle chatter can only carry a relationship so far. Men and women both desire someone with whom they can share interests, desires, feelings, and thoughts. Though men often fall into the trap of not sharing their thoughts, they are often as desparate as their women to converse. The problem is finding that common ground that opens the door for the conversation. Many men want a woman who can challenge them mentally, helping them to grow, while being soft enough to protect the man's fragile ego. Challenged, but not overwhelmed. And yet, intelligence without the depth of personhood is cold. Is it her soul? Again, perhaps. What is the soul? It is that indescribable something that makes us who we are. It is the melding of character, emotions, and believe that becomes the driving force for all we do, choose, and seek. It is that indescribable something that attracts some and repels others. I think it is a combination of each. Spiritual, mental, and physical, we seek those who fill the empty void in ourselves. We look for that which mirrors ourselves in a way that is attractive and yet is different enough that we do not find it boring. And, hopefully, when that is found, we find love. -MMC ?2006

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    Very nice. I don't agree with all of it but you make good points and they are concisely presented. Cool
    Excellent. Very good.
    As an amateur writer, like many in here, I gauge writing in comparison to much of what I've read beforehand... however, while an amateur writer, I'm an avid reader! The challenge, for me, is to assess another person's writing - and trying to feel that I can give a valid critique! My own writing has evolved through my life's experiences. Naturally, everyone's experiences will feel unique to individuals.

    However, uniqueness may only be a form of opinion, which doesn't prevent me from offering my own opinion. My attention was drawn to reading 'A reflective essay' - essays remind me of school lessons... happy memories of enjoyable Eglish classes and writing experiences! Perhaps that statement explains my hesitation to view/assess another person's writing? I'll try to suppress such hesitational inclinations - after all, while aiming to improve my writing standards, I must also improve my ability to take and give critiques!

    In closing this section, I'd like to say how much I respect the Writer's courage in dealing with such a subject as men and love! I particularly like the closing of the article, where I read this part of the summation: 'a combination of each - spiritual, mental, and physical, we seek those who fill the empty void in ourselves'.
    It is difficult to improve on what I've read here... yet, I'm sure others will have different, ideas about that!
    I'm 57 years old and divorced and I learned a lot from what you wrote. It was also a pleasure to read also. From the image it looks like you found that rare jewel of love yourself. One thing I would check out is the word " believe " in the third stanza might be beliefs, or " what we believe ". Beliefs do motivate our actions