Vampires IV: Jeanette

Horror story written by kt6550 on Thursday 9, September 2010

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Another Vampire. Adult Language and situations.

Overall Rating: 94.7%

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Spelling & Grammar:95%
Jeanette - Vampire Charlie Michaels - Deceased biker, Vietnam vet Kenneth Grady - Vietnam vet, investment banker, partner at Miles, Williams, and Bently, badly disfigured in the war. Jimmy 'Chains' Delgrado - Hell's Angel Sam 'Looney Toon' Ladika - Hell-s Angel Mary - Sam-s wife Aaron Willis - Retired DEA Agent Cynthia - Aaron-s wife

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    Well done. I don't like these kinds of stories but I know quality.
    Oh KT *wiggles in her seat with excitement* I'm reading this avidly and will comment soon!!
    I myself love vampire sagas; though some of the TV waffle on air at the moment is becoming very teen-aged and tiresome.

    Something that could never be levelled at this.

    Your writing is so smooth, seamless in places. Each sentence, paragraph and page perfectly sets up the next.

    I particularly enjoyed, Kenneth's real reasons for finding Jeanette, even though he knew what she was capable of.

    Quality indeed
    That was an incredibly absorbing read. Fabulous.

    This is well plotted, and well-drawn. The characters are three dimensional and likeable. Jeannette herself is a wonderful character.
    Wow, what a perfectly constructed, complex story. I really enjoyed it... top quality stuff.