Poem written by Invisible Heroine on Friday 3, September 2010

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This is basicly what happened to me no less than 1 hour ago

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No control. head swimming Body floating Sweat rolls down your face But you can't wipe it away You lay face down on the linoleum All you can hear is a loud buzzing in your head You want it to stop all you want to do is to stand and turn off the buzzing but all you can do is lay there, feeling helpless Your caught between something you need and something you would die for Food to nourish your body or a perfect, thin body But you can;t chose because your drowning in the buzzing. You want to scream for help but your mouth wont work "you did this to yourself!" your head screams "but just think of how skinny you'll look when you get up" So you lay there parallel to ground staring at the ugly, dirty purple shag rug.

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    What the hell did we have the Rennaissanse for if we all have to feel obliged to live for the sake of other people.

    I say Die! if you like or come as close to death as possible. Come as close to desperation and isolation. Find the eye of the storm within yourself, find peace.

    Before you can achieve anything you have to take ownership of your life and blame yourself for everything.

    One of the strongest statements I've read in my life is that you can't be happy untill you stop doing things because you 'have to' and start doing things because you 'want to'. Keep saying it imagine a mental buzzer going "ERRRRRRRRRR" every time you think that you 'have to' do something to achieve something.

    Life is about freedom and choice. Nothing else will ever make you happy.