Poem written by Invisible Heroine on Monday 30, August 2010

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I hate Summer

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[left]Summer. I hate it. Days bleed together You dry up under the sun Day after day. Forced to spend time with family You don't want to see in Places hotter than hell, with humidity 100% everyday. Restless days and nights spent staring Out the window watching the grass Dry up, wither, and die. Your friends, all to busy in their own worlds, Watching their own grass die, don't even Check to see if your still alive. Your only salvation is that fall will come soon And school will start, giving you something to stare at Other than the grass.[/left]

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    You obviously don't live in England.

    A nice poem, nicely paced.

    Good stuff.
    Thank you!
    Meh, they say happiness looks the same on everyone, while depression has a different face on every person. That's part of why drama is viewed as higher art than comedy, because it's different ever time and much more difficult to pull off in a book, a movie, theatre etc. It's true untill you get so much depressive people around you, that they all start to blend in the same grotesque repulsive mask.

    One inherent mistake of modern society is that life is based around following rules of conduct, like calling on schedule every week to check if all the people you know are alive. That's not life, that's procrastination of the inevitable moment in time when people stop caring, when they feel like nothing they do ever helps you.