Poem written by Raven on Monday 18, February 2002

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You were my father once Until she took you away from me I understand you need a wife But I'm your daughter and I need a father I rarely get to see you and When I do it's like I'm not even there I feel like I've lost my father And it's all because of her She took my father away And it's like she doesn't even care You are still in my head Even though you're never there When I need a father You'd rather be with her But when you need a daughter I am always there

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    A good poem, althought the flow doesn't really match up. The lines are kind of random in rhythm and length.
    A nice bit of free verse.
    This reads like a letter. Sometimes when i read something like a letter, its hard to relate and find empathy.
    It's simple and bittersweet though.
    Thanks for sharing.
    the poem is too plain, the descriptions don't really stir interest in the reader's mind
    I like it. Written with feeling.
    Nice poem, flows well but some of the rhymes don't quite sync up.