Arroba: The Awakening - Chapter Eleven and Twelve.

Fantasy written by Kerri-Emmitt on Thursday 5, August 2010

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Chapter Eleven and Twelve

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There is a knock on the door and Ali reluctantly lets go of me, placing a kiss on my cheek and heading to open the door. Ali disappears behind the door and when he speaks it's too low for me to hear. Then Ali's voice pitches and I hear. '' No she is resting.' A slight pause. 'Yes I will tell her, now please go.' He closes the door and leans against it for a few moments. I sit up in the bed and wait for him to speak. A lot of Ali is like that; rush him and he will stumble over his words, let him speak at his own pace and you will hear some of the most beautifully articulated sentences fall effortlessly from his mouth. And that is something not to be missed or rushed. 'It would seem you have a following already. That was one of the sister witches here, she was requesting to meet with you. Would you like to oblige at a later date?' 'Really?' 'Yes, she seemed quite taken with the possibility of meeting the last Marcusees witch. You have only been legend to them for so long and now suddenly you walk among us. The whole place is rife with speculation of why and only Dana would be as brash to knock upon your door tonight.' He chuckles lightly and it's such a good sound I find myself smiling as well. 'Well, I mustn't disappoint her then, you know how I admire bullishness. I would love to meet another witch even if she is an Amarian but another night. Tonight I just want to lose myself in your presence.' 'Very poetic Dione. That sounds wonderful because I wish to do the same.' There is an awful sentence hanging in the air left unsaid 'whilst we still can' but neither of us acknowledges it because something's are just far too painful, even to whisper. I hold my arms out to him and say, 'Come to me.' He doesn't hesitate at all, just pushes himself away from the door and when he reaches the bed he crawls up it until his face is inches away from mine. My heart is suddenly in my throat and my breathing speeds up greatly. 'You are beautiful, more beautiful than in my wildest memories.' 'Not so much compared to a women like Lucille though.' I smile when I say it but the thought is still depressing. 'You are even more so than Lucille, in every way.' I open my mouth to argue but before anything can fall from my lips he kisses me and this time it doesn't feel like a goodbye, this time it feels eager and passionate; a welcome. He pulls me down to the bed and we entwine ourselves around each other but then I have one of those silly, very womanly thoughts. I need to have a shower or something. I have been up most of the night, Ali and I had had sex on the way here and I haven't even washed my hands yet, let alone other things. I break our kiss very reluctantly and push him away a little. 'Uh, I need to shower if that's okay?' 'Of course, my dark light.' The return of those two little, passionately spoken words nearly causes me to forget about the shower and fling myself at him. I smile a show stopper and say, 'It won't take long.' He frowns slightly at my sudden enthusiasm but releases me so I can get up from the bed. I am half way across the room when I realise I don't know where the bathroom is. Before I can speak he says, 'It is that door there, you have an unsuite.' 'Thanks.' I grab my holdall and head into the bathroom. My shower doesn't take long at all; I do not linger in the beautifully hot water because I'm far too eager to get back into the bedroom. I towel dry my hair and body and then stand in the middle of the bathroom debating about what I should wear to bed. I have two sets of little silk, strappy camisole top and shorts and a gown that comes to my knees. I choose the black silk little camisole set and slip them on. I check myself in the mirror and decide I look alright. By the time I get back into the bedroom Ali has undressed and is now led on his side under the covers. His eyes are shut and I curse myself for taking so long. Then I close the door behind me and he opens his eyes and looks directly at me. I hesitate near the door and suddenly feel self conscious; what I'm wearing isn't exactly conservative and does not cover a lot of me, maybe I should have with the knee length gown. He leans up in bed and pulls back the covers to welcome me in. I walk towards him and his eyes travel right down to my toes and then all the way back up my body. By the time they reach my eyes their heavy with the knowledge of my body. Just the thought of him rolling the image of me around inside of his head makes me miss a step. I close my eyes for a moment and force myself on towards the bed. I climb up the bed and his eyes never leave me. I reach him and he wraps his arms around me, pulling me down to the bed; his lips closing over mine immediately. His hands crash down my body and find the most intimate part of me straight away; I can taste his eagerness on the tip of my tongue it is that thick. He strokes me through the thin silk and I moan into his mouth. I break our kiss and move my lips down his neck to his collarbones, I linger there nibbling and licking until he throws his head back from the sensation. I am lost in the feel of him under my lips and when he quickly slips his hands down the front of my shorts it takes me so much by surprise that I cry out. With monumental timing someone knocks on the door just as I am about to climax. Ali hesitates slightly and then buries his face back into my hair and I orgasm. I try to be quiet but it has always been very difficult for me to be utterly silent whilst Ali touches me. I clamp my forearm over my mouth until the delicious ebbing waves of pleasure slowly die. Ali whispers into my ear, 'I will be two minutes.' He then kisses me much more thoroughly than he should have and we get completely side tracked again. Another impatient knock on the door brings us back to reality and Ali gets up to answer it. He stops in the middle of the room and I whisper, 'What's wrong?' He points down to his very happy little member still trapped within his shorts and I bark with laughter. He grins a startling flash of teeth and says, 'I just need to not look at you for a moment and then I will be fine.' Which finishes with a lot of deep chuckling and I honestly try to silence my laughter but in the end it's a lost cause so I bury my face in the covers and let it come. When I get myself under control enough I pull my head back up and see that Ali has walked out of the room. He must have deflated the situation, I think and then I roar with laughter again. I laugh until eventually tears roll down my cheeks and my ribs scream at me but then Ali comes back in the room and my laughter dies as I see his all too familiar weighted expression. 'What's wrong?' 'Its fine, it can wait until tomorrow.' 'Ali, tell me please.' He climbs into bed and lays down, completely avoiding my eyes. 'No Dione. I need you to be understanding and respect my wishes.' Bugger he always knows exactly what to say to me to shut me up because lets face it, what can I say to that? Absolutely nothing, well and be reasonable anyway. 'Okay.' He leans in and starts to kiss me again. We really try to get the mood back but it had disappeared and now it's just strained. I push him back with a hand on his chest, distancing his mouth from mine a little. 'This isn't working now, is it?' He closes his eyes and sighs, 'I fear not. I'm sorry my head is suddenly very ugly and it is not right when I am wrapped in the arms of such beauty. Shall we sleep? It's five in the morning but we should get a few hours.' I nod and scoot down in the bed until my cheek is pressed against his chest. We don't say another word and then tiredness washes over me so powerfully I wouldn't have been able to keep my eyes open even if I tried. I sleep deeply and without intervention, for the first time in a week.

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    I'm in a huge room; the walls are grey stone, lamps of fire sit in every corner but their glow is strange and I am sure there is something flickering in the centre of them; a slightly whiter light then the surrounding flame. -than

    "Please Inigo, I do not want his
    - this?

    A few of these but a great tale, well-written.
    flutter through me like a real of film - I think you mean 'reel of film.'

    A few small errors like this here and there, but, on the whole, excellent. Nicely written.
    Okay; finally got through reading this; your submissions are getting a s long as mine, lol.

    This is, as usual, an exemplary piece of imaginative fiction. The imagery is sharp, and the lesser characters are as nicely detailed as the main.

    There are the usual minor glitches you get in any work of this length, but I think your proofreader got most of them.

    I'm loving where this is going; keep up the good work.

    Good work, and check your e-mail.
    I proofread it and that'll be why there's mistakes Smile Thank you again for taking the time to read my subs. Verm - I've sent an email.